Health resort

Health resort

The heart of the resort is Zdrojowy Park with the Mineral Water Well-Room. It was established in 1853 and rebuilt in the thirties of the 20th  century. Magnificent palms and paintings by professor Arpard von Molnar from the Academy of  Fine Arts in Vienna (break of the 19th and the 20th centuries) decorate the interior of the Well- Room.

Zameczek Sanatorium was established in 1772, it is situated opposite the Well- Room at the foothills of  Park Hill where we can go for a walk to a romantic wooden summer house, a perfect place for lovers. Polonia Sanatorium on the eastern side of the park, dating from 1905 is also a home of  Stanisław Moniuszko Theatre .  At present,  Zdrojowy Park is being converted to its splendor from the beginning of the 20th century.

Over the years of  its history Kudowa Zdrój has been visited by many famous personalities. Among them we can mention  the Prussian King Wilhelm III with the family, the English Prime Minister Winston Churchill, the German writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, the Polish writer Bruno Schultz, Marshal Iwan Koniew and last but not least Karol Wojtyła, the later John Paul II.

In 2007 Kudowa Zdrój hosted “The Chronicles of Narnia, Prince Caspian” movie crew with the starring children and the director Andrew Adams  while the scenes were shot in the neighbouring Errant Rocks. The famous director of such films as for example  “Shrek” planted a tree in a special alley next to Kudowa Aqua Park. Another famous but this time Polish film director to plant a tree there was Jerzy Sztur. We can also find there trees planted by such celebrities as an actor Wojciech Siemion, an opera director Sławomir Pietras or a great Polish opera singer Bogdan Paprocki.


The therapeutic properties of  Kudowa Zdrój  mineral water  springs were already discovered in 1580,  the first wooden bath facilities were constructed in 1636. Nowadays  four mineral water springs are being exploited. Two of them (arsenic, hydrogen, carbonate, sodium and calcium ferriferous mineral water of Jędrzej Śniadecki with mineralization of 3.05 g/litre and hydrogen, carbonate, calcium and sodium radon mineral water of  Leon Marchlewski with mineralization of 1.15 g/litre) are available in the intake of  the well- room and the  other two are supplied from the bath facilities. In the 19th  century and the beginning of the 20th  century every week the water was sent from the springs of Kudowa Zdrój to Berlin, where it was highly appreciated.

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